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Shared Housing is between a homeowner and a woman seeking an affordable housing solution. The Shared Housing Staff facilitates matches to create “win-win”, arrangements that provide additional income, security and companionship for older homeowners.

Who Can Share Housing?

  • Home providers who live in Chester County
  • Home seekers who live in Chester County or are willing to move here
  • Home providers who own or rent a home, have a suitable private bedroom and are willing to share the rest of their home
  • Home Providers must check with their township on shared housing rules and regulations
  • Home seekers who are looking for a place to live and are physically and emotionally able to live independently, are 18 years or older and are willing to share a home.

How Does Shared Housing Work?

Details of the program are explained during the first contact with the agency. A phone interview is conducted initially. You will be asked to fill out some forms and meet with the Shared Housing Coordinator for an interview. The Shared Housing Program Coordinator conducts site visits for potential home providers as part of the interview process.

To ensure safety, we do require a criminal background check on all applicants as well as a child abuse clearance, if applicable. Based on applicants’ requirements and preferences, they are referred to each other. Strict confidentiality is kept and only first names and numbers are exchanged with our screened clients. Providers and seekers agree mutually to share a home. The Shared Housing Program Coordinator will keep in touch with both home providers and home seekers to facilitate the match.

This is a free service.

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