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HOS Takes a New Approach to Trauma

August 18, 2016

About a year ago, our Home of the Sparrow’s Program Coordinators were seeing more and more women and children in our programs who were struggling with so many issues and crises– both past and present- that they had trouble simply functioning on a daily basis. It made it difficult for their participants to achieve true stability and success in their lives.

Home of the Sparrow’s CEO Patricia McLennan said, “we knew we had to do something to try and help. It’s clear that trauma, chronic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are at the core of a great many of the problems that our families experience.”

The Adverse Childhood Experience Study is the largest and first research study that established a direct association between childhood trauma and adult ill health. The study found that the greater the number of adverse childhood experiences a person has, the greater the possibility of disabilities and dysfunction in adult life. Examples of an “ACE” are physical, sexual and emotional abuse, emotional neglect, incarceratedAnother Murder【中古】
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