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What Happened To You? Childhood Trauma And Its Life-long Impact.

What happened to you? Childhood trauma and its life-long impact.

Home of the Sparrow and the Chester County ACEs Coalition (CCAC) are reshaping the conversation around trauma and adversity in our community. Chelsea Buckley, our Program Coordinator for Health and Supportive Services and Coordinator of the Chester County ACEs Coalition recently talked to the Chester County Medicine Journal about childhood trauma and its life-long effects.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are linked  to “an array of physical and mental health
problems, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, unintended pregnancy, alcoholism and depression. The impact is also cumulative; the more adverse experiences in one’s childhood, or the higher one’s ACEs score, the greater the possibility of disabilities and dysfunction as an adult.”

Led by Home oft the Sparrow, the Chester County ACEs Coalition’s mission is to increase our county’s awareness and knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and to build resiliency and foster hope in order to offset the cycle of trauma.

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